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The Finest Quality

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Our cocoa beans originate from Madagascar’s soil-rich Sambirano region. Madagascar Savors’ cocoa beans have historically only been sold to European premier chocolatiers, but now they are available for the North American markets.

Madagascar Savors Cocoa Beans are produced approx. 2M lbs per year and is currently in demand by all the fine luxury chocolate companies in the world. We have a Cocoa processing unit in Ambanja, located in the Sambirano region, which is the first producer of Cocoa in Madagascar. Additionally, our Cocoa Beans have historically only been available to the European market.

Cocoa Beans Specifications:

Cocoa Bean: Sambirano n°01
Bean count per 100 grams: 85-95
Defective beans: Maximum 2.80%
Slate beans: Below 2%
Less fermented beans: 10-12%

Mold beans: Below 2%
Moisture: Below 8%
Packaging: (1) One 143 lbs jute
bag of beans Sea shipment: 40′ container loaded with 386 jute bags

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