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The Finest Quality

Madagascar Peppercorn

Black Peppercorn

  • Black peppercorn, also called the King of Spices, is known for its versatility,
    enhancing the taste of any dish.
  • Black peppercorns from Madagascar are known to be the finest, most aromatic in
    the world.
  • Adored by chefs throughout all of France, this pepper has the ability to bring out
    the flavor of any dish without hindering its intrinsic ingredients.
  • Popular pairings in the kitchen consist of white and red meats, fatty fish, vegetables,
    legumes, and fruit and chocolate desserts.
  • This pepper is also known to offer numerous amounts of health benefits like
    promoting weight loss, improving digestion, relieving cold and cough, boosting
    metabolism and treating skin problems.

Pink Peppercorn

  • Pink Peppercorns, also nicknamed Ruby Pearls, are a unique and exquisite addition
    to any spice cabinet.
  • This wonderful spice actually takes the form of a berry and is not hot like traditional
  • One distinct quality of the pink peppercorn is its floral fragrance enhancing the
    smell of any dish.
  • The pink peppercorn also delivers a slightly hot and bitter sweet flavor which gives
    its dish a unique yet satisfying taste.
  • This spice is great for salad dressings or marinades, and it is often paired with fish
    or chicken in traditional dishes.

Wild Peppercorn

  • Wild Pepper, also known as “Voatsiperifery” in Madagascar, is growing to be one
    of the most sought after spices in France.
  • The wild pepper is extremely popular because of how difficult it is to harvest in the jungles of Madagascar.
  • The sweet smelling scent of this pepper attracts many, while its sweet spicy
    tasting qualities has them asking for more.
  • The unique taste that this spice brings makes it a versatile spice, enhancing many
    types of dishes.
  • This spice goes wonderfully well with chocolate and fruits such as strawberries,
    mangoes, lychees and rhubarb, but can also be used in dishes with meat, fish, and
  • The impact that the wild pepper has on its dishes is not only unique, but addictive.
Madagascar Savors
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